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The Kinship 2020 ~ set #46

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The Kinship 2020 ~ complete set #46

Our fourth Kinship release, commemorating the virtual Feis Ile of 2020.

Carefully selected by Scott Laing, Andrew Laing and Stewart Laing.


Highland Park (aged 30 years)

Very heathery on the nose with earthy, mossy notes, malt biscuits in an old cupboard, candied lemon zest on a windy shore, faint hints of peat phenol.

Continues on BBQ surf and turf and malty notes with highland heather honey.

An intensity of flavours along with the complexity for which the distillery is famous.

70cl, 43.1% ABV


Ardbeg (aged 28 years)

Salt-sprayed peat on the nose, with iodine, clove, cookie dough, heather honey, and cinnamon.

Quite tarry on the palate, with medicinal notes, liquorice, camphorwood, and a touch of orange zest along with peat as on a sea breeze.

It leads to a lemony, lingering, and effortlessly elegant finish.

70cl, 50.1% ABV


Bowmore (aged 30 years)

Dark fruit notes with light peat reek on the nose, alongside nutmeg, walnuts, figs and dates.

Crispy bacon, sweet lemons, leather, prunes and tobacco on the palate alongside honeyed almonds, burnt orange zest and clove.

Top-class Oloroso sherry-matured Bowmore depth and elegance.

70cl, 58% ABV


Bunnahabhain (aged 30 years)

Fresh lemon zest, ginger, almonds, nutmeg, malt filled grist bin, ozone on the nose.

Markedly fresh and salivating arrival on the palate, subtle at first, growing with time encompassing citrus, brine and a sponge-cake sweetness.

A beautifully delicate and elegant Bunnahabhain.

70cl, 45.5% ABV


Caol Ila (aged 30 years)

Honeydew melon on the nose with Maldon sea salt, smoked ham, bandages, candied almonds and Islay peat smoked.

On the palate there is a gristy malty note, lime zest, Seville orange, new leather, fine tobacco and a typical Caol Ila ashiness leading to a wonderfully refined finish.

70cl, 42.4% ABV


Laphroaig (aged 30 years)

Wet, smouldering Islay peat, iodine and tar on the nose.

Rich and expansive on the palate with nutmeg, bandages, malty notes, new leather boots beside a peat fire and a touch of liquorice.

The whole leads to a long, satisfyingly smokey finish - the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove.

70cl, 53.6% ABV