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Islay Journey ~ single dram

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Single drams are available to buy in our Tasting Sets

The Journey to Islay is not an easy one. Getting there takes time but the island, like its whisky, is worth the effort. We have made this trip for generations and will continue to do so, bringing back some of the best malt whiskies Islay has to offer.

To create this outstanding blend of fine Scotch malt whisky we have selected whiskies from the very finest distilleries to be found on the iconic Isle of Islay. The balance of smoothness, and complexity of flavour and aroma comes from blending whiskies some of which have been matured in Bourbon hogsheads.

Tasting Notes: The aroma of this Blended Malt Whisky is redolent with notes of smoke, ash, and tar, whilst in the mouth there are pungent notes of peat, brine and seaweed.


25ml, 46% ABV